The autumn came and went

The autumn came and went. Mid November isn’t autumn anymore here, but winter. In one way or another.

I’ve decided to blog again, mainly with photos. Photography is very important to me and I love to learn more and improve my skills. My photography always slows down during the winter, but this year, especially after I bought my new camera in July, I’ve taken so many photos that it’s almost ridiculous, and I have tons and tons to post during the winter.

I’ve blogged for years, but my writing has been awful most of the time. I’ve written a lot of negative and useless ****, to be honest. I’ve also written some good stuff, mostly about music and coeliac disease, I really regreat that I didn’t save it. Now that I take up blogging again I will try to proof read myself a bit more and only post what is good, things that I would enjoy reading about in a blog. Despite today’s blogging trends, I still enjoy reading about people’s lives and the few old school blogs that still exist, so I will still share things from life, but hope to do it in a good way.

I’m not a writer, really. I just discovered blogging some 10 years ago, and found that it was a nice way to document my life, and I when people started to read, I realised that it’s a nice social activity too and that you can connect with people, so that’s why I continued. I continued for too long really, but now I’ve had a break, and I’m looking forward to having a blog again.

Welcome to follow.

2 comments on “The autumn came and went”

  • Sasa S.

    I like your photos, they are so gentle and soft. I hope there will be more posts in the future. You can learn a lot in photography if you blogg and watch other blogs. Just don’t give up.
    (Unfortunately, I can not write anything more, my English is not well)

    • Susanne

      Hello Sasa, and thank you!! I definitely will write more posts!! I just restarted this blog and I’m trying to sort what photos to save for what posts, etc. Actually I’m fascinated that you found this post, because I haven’t linked it anywhere and haven’t even added the blog link on the start page yet (I had the blog link there for a few minutes though!). But I’m glad you’re here!


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