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I photographed a wedding

When I started getting into more focused photography, I was browsing the internet for photography blogs and photographer websites to get inspiration, and found that maybe 90% (if not more) were wedding photographers. And I said to myself that “I will never shoot weddings. Everyone else does it – how boring!”. And in addition, wedding photography requires so much of you. It’s that particular moment in people’s lives that just has to be perfect, you can’t fail on that one. And if that wasn’t all – weddings are almost always indoors with poor lighting. Sure, usually wedding photographers do a nice photoshoot outside in some pretty spot, alone with the couple. But – in my country you can NEVER trust the weather. Not even in June. It could be a brilliant day with sunshine and 20+ degrees, but it can also happens that it rains all day and the temperature goes down to 11 C.

Despite all this, last spring I was asked by a friend and lovely co-worker if I wanted to be her wedding photographer.
I wanted to say no because I didn’t feel competent enough, but at the same time it would be a private wedding with only the two of them, the priest and two witnesses. And the couple are both people I know and they are very nice, straightforward people. She also said that they would be so happy if I in particular did it. Who can say no to that?

I was very nervous and especially for the indoor photos and for the potential that I’d have to do the planned outdoor shots inside because of bad weather. The good thing with this was that I finally bought an external flash, which has been one of the best investments ever (except my Olympus camera, of course). Not that it’s a very fancy or expensive flash, but it does its job and is helping me a lot with taking good indoor photos. However, I had very little experience with flash photography, so many of the photos inside the church were not good at all. But we were lucky with good enough weather and could do the outdoor shots. The sun was very indecisive but hid behind clouds most of the time, except during lunch, and it was very windy. However, this was fantastic weather for being early June in Sweden!!

The couple had chosen a lovely location at the Vara plains, by a castle that is perhaps more like a mansion than like a castle but it has large surroundings with lots of greenery, and a beautiful garden.

Now afterwards I can see that there are many similar shots and that there are other different types of shots that I planned to take but didn’t because of nerves, my composition weren’t great, and many other things. But you know what? You have to start somewhere. This was my first ever on-request photoshoot, in a genre I don’t normally do, these people are friends of mine and I really had a good time doing this. And as long as they are happy, I am happy.