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Spring is finally here!

I’ve never understood spring fatigue. I mean, I know that it affects many people (including my sister), and I know people have their reasons and that there are well explained causes, but I just don’t understand how it’s possible! For me, spring has the opposite effect. Where I’m from, the winter is very long, and for me it’s like a long period of just waiting. With the arrival of warmer weather and spring flowers, it’s like I get my life back.

Some week ago, the temperatures began to climb over zero, and this weekend has been fabulous. The spring flowers are coming up and my photography inspiration is coming back of course!

Even the bees were around!

Speaking about bees, more and more news is coming about the problem with bees and that they are a threatened species. I found an article recently with advice on what we can do to save them – what to plant in your garden that will promote bee survival, and how to set up things in your garden generally to create a bee friendly garden. Since I need to plant a lot of new things this year, I’m all in for doing what I can to save the bees!
I already have lots of bee promoting plants, and our garden is quite bee friendly already but there’s more to do, and I certainly will think of the bees when I go plant shopping later this spring.