Spring is finally here!

I’ve never understood spring fatigue. I mean, I know that it affects many people (including my sister), and I know people have their reasons and that there are well explained causes, but I just don’t understand how it’s possible! For me, spring has the opposite effect. Where I’m from, the winter is very long, and for me it’s like a long period of just waiting. With the arrival of warmer weather and spring flowers, it’s like I get my life back.

Some week ago, the temperatures began to climb over zero, and this weekend has been fabulous. The spring flowers are coming up and my photography inspiration is coming back of course!

Even the bees were around!

Speaking about bees, more and more news is coming about the problem with bees and that they are a threatened species. I found an article recently with advice on what we can do to save them – what to plant in your garden that will promote bee survival, and how to set up things in your garden generally to create a bee friendly garden. Since I need to plant a lot of new things this year, I’m all in for doing what I can to save the bees!
I already have lots of bee promoting plants, and our garden is quite bee friendly already but there’s more to do, and I certainly will think of the bees when I go plant shopping later this spring.

7 thoughts on “Spring is finally here!

  1. Saša (Slovenia) 11th April 2018

    Amazing photos.

    About spring fatigue – I’ve got it before the spring, like you. I was so lazy, less of energy, I was not interested in anything. But with the first sun, I fly into nature like a bee.
    p.s: 20th May declared as World Bee Day (by United Nation)

    1. Susanne 17th April 2018

      Hi Saša and thank you!
      I’m glad I’m not the only one with winter fatigue! But I’ve understood that many people have suffered with the long winter this year. In the north of Sweden there’s still lots of snow, so depressing.
      Good news about the World Bee day, the bees need that!

  2. Kristina 18th April 2018

    I have to agree on the winter part. We still have snow on the ground which is unusual because the last few years we’ve had breakup occur about a month earlier. At least it’s nice enough to walk after work now, so I’m grateful for that… I’m looking forward to the trees to start to bud though.. need some green in my life, so I’m jealous of your flowers showing up already lol

    On a surprising note, bee farming is a popular thing up here. And I already know of a few people here who are getting their colonies set up and ready to start honey making. It seems surprising to me because its such a short period up here for the bees to thrive, but apparently its enough to get things pollinating 🙂

    1. Susanne 18th April 2018

      Winter seems to have been weird everywhere this year!! In Sweden and especially in the central and northern parts, there have been huge snowfalls and they still have loads of it – I even wonder if the village where we celebrate Midsummer will be snow free this June!
      Now there is a heat wave coming, or so they say (the forecasts say only 16 degrees here though, good enough of course but not what I usually call a “heat wave”) so I hope the snow will melt up there too.

      And of course I hope you will soon be snow free and see some spring flowers!!
      I’m glad to hear about the bee farming! I’m so fascinated about nature – that bees and flowers can thrive even in colder climates. Here, when nature starts to wake up in the spring, it goes on and on although it’s freezing cold. I’ve understood that they mostly need sunlight, but it still fascinates me.

  3. Kirsten 22nd April 2018

    I wish I had a house so I could have a garden and plant some flowers for the bees. I love gardening and flowers. I am hoping maybe to help my parents garden a little this year. I know what you mean about spring fatigue. I have never really experienced it. For me I’m most fatigued in winter at the end but before spring. Spring seems to renew me. I know our seasons are similar and our winters long too. Today was the first spring like day we had and it was so nice. I am glad to see some flowers blooming where you are.

    1. Susanne 22nd April 2018

      Maybe you can plant something in pots? Even with an apartment and only a balcony you can do that! If there’s enough sun, at least.
      Yes, Canada and Sweden are very similar when it comes to the seasons. I hope you’ll see some spring flowers soon too.

      1. Kirsten 28th April 2018

        I wish but our new apartment doesn’t even have a balcony. Our old one did but we wanted to live in a specific area so we moved. The only drawback to our apartment which is bigger then the old one is that there isn’t a balcony but we are near a large park with paths and near all the stores and closer to my work since I am now busing in. To expensive to park.

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