Snow – I love it, I hate it

In recent years, our Christmas weather has been about the same as our Midsummer weather – about 10 degrees C and rain – and this year seems to follow that tradition. 😀

I have a love/hate relationship with snow. I really LOVE when it snows – but only while snow is actually falling, and only if it falls rather heavily. Afterwards I want it to disappear. Snow is too inconvenient, and it never stays pretty more than a day or two anyway.
Around the 10th of December, a snow loving friend was visiting, and we went out for a walk after some snow had fallen during the night. It it quite photogenic, I can’t deny that.

If we want a Christmas tree, we only need to stick the head outside the house, because this is our neighbour selling trees. 🙂

And a week later, we had a much more serious snowfall. Way too late – and dark – for good photos, but who can resist going out in this?

Now this is the closest I get:

And that’s not bad – hey, it’s colour!!! 🙂

2 comments on “Snow – I love it, I hate it”

  • Michelle

    The snow looks gorgeous~

  • Marias Memoarer

    Jag har också förut kännt hatkärlek till snön, men det är mindre av hatet numera. Däremot hatar jag isiga och snöiga vägar, haha!


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