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2017 has been a year of travelling. Stressful in many ways, because there’s always lots to organise, but it’s been good! I’ve had the privelege to go to Ireland twice, we went to Italy as usual (but in October, we usually go in the summer), and we joined a group trip to the whisky isle of Islay, Scotland.

Now when the season of very little photography has started, I’ll share some of those photos. In Ireland I took a ridiculous amount of photos. Ireland is so incredibly photogenic, everywhere. And there are such peaceful places there, fantastic places where you can kind of breathe peace and quiet and recharge energy.

Like Sheep’s head peninsula, and the road to Kilcrohane. Paradise on earth for someone who needs to slow down.

Sheep's headSheep's head peninsulaSheep's head peninsula

There are some walking trails there, next time we go I hope we can take a walk somewhere around there.

We lived in Ireland in 2008, until early 2009. We had a good time there, the reason why we moved back to Sweden was that I wanted to go back to work as a nurse, as we do it in Sweden. Working as a nurse over there only made me miserable. I wasn’t ready to give up nursing in 2009, although from what I know now, maybe I should have. However, we went back because I wanted to try to get a career in palliative care, and now I’ve been able to do that, which I’m thankful for.

Ireland is still our second home and the town we lived in is still like a home to us. I often feel more home there than I do here, and it’s fantastic to come back. This time we met some new people and visited some new places, we also visited some whiskey distilleries along the way.

I’ll collect the photos that best give you an idea of these lovely places, and will do a series of posts about Ireland, mostly about West Cork. I’m looking forward to it!

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  • Kristina

    Ireland is also on my list of really want to see places. We’ve actually talked about it becoming our honeymoon destination if we ever decided to tie the knot. 🙂

    It’s good to see you blogging again. I’ve been struggling myself lately, so its nice to see someone trying their best to keep at it.

    • Susanne

      Let me know in advance if you go, and I’ll try to get organised and get over there to see you!

      Regarding blogging, I never thought I’d do it again, other than the blog about Irish whiskey that I’m about to start. But I had a new inspiration for WordPress this year, especially after I learned how to use multisite, which enables me to build multiple separate websites under one WP installation.
      I hope you’ll get your blogging inspiration back as well. I loved your minion!!

      • Kristina

        That would be awesome, I’ll be sure to do it. It won’t be for another year or two out, but its definitely in the cards for us!

        I’m trying, I’ve been researching blog strategies, goals, and developing writing topics. I’m going to sit down and try to create a written vision (akin to a Business Plan). I think it’ll help give me something to strive towards and help organize my thoughts better! I just feel so unfocused of late.

        • Susanne

          Some time ago I read about this, that if you do blog, no matter if it’s for profit or a personal blog, to keep at it you should treat it like a business. I’ve always been against these strategies and promoted writing when you are inspired to do so, but if the inspiration disappears and you know you do want to keep the blog, maybe it isn’t a bad idea after all.
          If you do your crocheting regularly, you always have your crocheted stuff to show off and write about! Or maybe write about Alaska? I for one would love to read about it, since I know almost nothing about Alaska.


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