News and apologies

If you’ve been around during the last few days, you have probably noticed that I’ve changed theme every second hour or something like that. I’ve put the blog on a separate site, to make it easier to navigate and find things, and I have my start page with everything else on, where I’ll also build some portfolio galleries later.

I’m sorry for the frequent theme changes here, it’s been because I wanted to use my own theme, which is more of a simple blog theme, but I wanted it to have the correct functionalities and also to line up more with the other theme design-wise. I’ve struggled with the post feed but now it seems to work.

I’m now looking forward to a trip up north to see my parents, and maybe a day or so in Stockholm to see some friends. It will be interesting to see how my camera reacts to the wild temperatures they have up there (-20 C yesterday)!! They have quite a bit of snow so there’s the potential for nice winter photos.

Later this month I have some interesting things planned, both in terms of music and of photography. So stay tuned!

2 comments on “News and apologies”

  • Kassy

    Sometimes it takes a bit of time to get your site just right, and you don’t need to apologise for that! 😀 I hope you have a great time on the trip and the temperature won’t be too much (or too little haha)!

    Looking forward to the updates. 🙂

    • Susanne

      No, that’s correct actually, it’s just that I tend to think that all changes I do to the site are annoying to other people!! However now I’m really really happy with the result.
      The temperatures have gone up so now we have -4 which is a little bit to warm for nice frost in the trees.. 🙁 But they say there’s more snow on the way tomorrow so we’ll see.


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