More mixed emotions about snow

So I went up north to see my parents. It seems like a long trip but you are still far south of the very centre of Sweden (which is said to be a place called Ytterhogdal in the region of Jämtland, quite far north). Still, their winters can be harsh. This one is a nasty one, with lots and lots of snow. As I’ve said earlier, I have a love/hate relationship with snow.
I’ve realised that the reason why I dislike snow and winter so much is mainly because I love nature – when it’s alive and in action. I love colours, flowers and plants that are in bloom. Green fields, forests, soft summer winds or even better, to feel the sun warm your shoulders while you enjoy a quiet natural panorama, and being able to go out without thinking about protecting yourself. And to see colour. And quiet green fields. And colour, haha.. In the winter I feel like a prisoner. One of the worst things in Sweden is that the winter is so very long.

However, winter and snow can be pretty of course. The region where my parents live is an incredibly beautiful area and I’m so proud to have my roots there.
This is Fryksås, certainly one of Sweden’s most beautiful places. Totally fabulous in the summer..

And in the winter…

Before I went there, they had temperatures like -20 C but it was quite mild while I was there. During the last day, it was a bit colder and quite windy, so when I took those photos, it was -7 and heavy winds. So incredibly cold for only -7!
I went for a quick visit to Stockholm and it started snowing there too. (NOT a good thing in a big city, believe me)

But can be pretty there too. And, I found a spot where you can take a picture of that famous Stockholm panorama! 🙂 Just choose a better season to do it…

Now I’m home, we have snow here too and wintry temperatures, today we’ve had nice winter weather if you’re into that kind of thing, but I’m .. done with winter now. Luckily, we have booked another trip to Ireland. We’re going there for St Patrick’s day, so after the January misery is over, time will fly!
So now I’d better continue posting my Ireland photos from the trip in August, because soon we’ll be there again!

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  • Kristina

    Maybe another way to think of it is to discover those creatures that live through winter. I just made it home and was greeted with -30F temperatures and about a foot more of snow than when I left three weeks ago.

    The day I flew back, my fiance was late to class because a moose decided it was a great day to go for a sunday stroll down the middle of one of the main thorough ways in town. Sadly, he didn’t get any pictures or video. I would of loved to have shared that on the blog with you. But it might help to redirect the thinking, things might look dead, but not everything is dead. Arctic foxes for instance, love playing in the winter and are super freaking cute. I’ve only been able to run into them once since I returned here. Also, snow mold. It’s a real thing.

    I think your pictures are lovely. It’s like capturing another world and despite appearing kind of dead, we know those trees are very much alive, but just hibernating until it feels the warmth again.

    • Susanne

      Actually it is fascinating how some animals can live out there through the winter. And I remember I saw a film not so long ago about insects and spiders that live more than a year and how they stay alive down below the snow over the winter.
      I had no idea about snow mold! Never seen it here as far as I know.

      Still, I will never enjoy or appreciate winter because it makes me feel like a prisoner, unable to go out without lots of planning. However, this year I’m trying to keep busy with nice indoor activities instead. I’ll never be a winter person, but I’ve realised lately that lots of people LOVE winter and snow, for real. I agree that it is like another world, and it’s fascinating, but when it’s colder than down to -10 C, or when roads and paths are icy, then I really prefer to enjoy it from inside my house.


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