I'm a language geek

I love languages and grammar. Studying grammar is like detective work to me – to dig into how a language is built, discover new exciting details bit by bit and get a broader understanding of how and why you use a language in certain manners.

I’ve studied German, French, Italian, English and some Russian, but language skills need to be maintained to stay alive, and sadly I haven’t been able to keep up my skills in all these languages. When I get the time I’ll study them again!

However, today I’m happy to be skilled in Swedish, English and Italian.


What I can do for you


I can translate your website content and/or documents from English to Swedish, within all general contexts, and niches such as

  • music
  • whisk(e)y, spirits and related
  • nursing and health
  • travel and leisure
  • and more – contact me!


So many people make grammar mistakes without noticing. I’m a proud member of the grammar police so let me help!

While I’m not a native English speaker, I’ve communicated in English for many years, and I’m a language perfectionist. I see lots of errors written also by native English speakers! Let me proofread and edit your content to make sure it looks correct, curated and speaks your message with style.