I disappeared for a while

So what exactly is the best way to “relaunch” a blog that has been dead or inactive for a while?

My blog disappeared for a while, but I never planned to quit! The spring has been quite overwhelming, because of work related things (hello, GDPR) and health issues (hello, IBD), but I’ve also had good things going on. In the end of April I hosted a whiskey tasting in our whisky club – my first tasting for a larger audience. Then, after what seemed like the longest winter of my life, the month of May offered weather that we usually don’t even see in July – sunshine and 25+ C every day for an entire month (the summer weather in Sweden is usually very unstable). With that weather you don’t want to be inside with a computer more than necessary!

During the spring and early summer I’ve kept this site inactive because I had a plan to make it a “branding” site where I collect everything I do online, to keep it open for me to eventually use for work possibilities, and to put the blog elsewhere. I was unsure about whether or not it would fit in here, but decided eventually, with the help of my brilliant husband, that keeping the blog here would be the best thing to do.
I’ve done some cleaning up among blog posts, and I plan to continue sharing my photos and happenings here, and hopefully I will soon have more peace and quiet in life to also improve my writing.

We generally have lots of interesting plans and projects right now, which I’ll write about in a few days. I’ll also share some about our latest trip to Ireland – we were there for St Patrick’s day this year, and visited the Beara peninsula, the only West Cork peninsula we hadn’t visited. It was freezing cold that day but I took a few nice pictures – the landscape there is very different from the other peninsulas we’ve been to. I’ll try to collect the best photos and will be back soon with a post about it.

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4 thoughts on “I disappeared for a while

  1. kerry 3rd July 2018

    Ahh glad to see you back. Sometimes life just gets in the way! I look forward to reading about Ireland xx

    1. Susanne 4th July 2018

      Thanks for coming back! I had such a crisis with this blog and what to do with it, but as you know I will definitely have interesting writing material in the future!

  2. Michelle 5th July 2018

    There’s never any need to apologize for any absence. Your personal life comes first before a blog and I understand about dealing with chronic illnesses and such.

    1. Susanne 5th July 2018

      I didn’t really try to apologise, but more explain why I’ve been away and why, and that I don’t intend to quit the blog. I personally like to see that on other people’s blogs when they are absent, because I’ve seen so many blogs come and go, that I’m always delighted when people keep on writing.

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