Galley Head

I’ve posted photos from some other heads in Ireland, so I’d better continue and post about another beautiful head, the Galley head.
I love the sea, and open spaces. Maybe because I grew up in an area with extensive forests, I don’t know, but I’ve always had such intense feelings of freedom when I find myself on plains or other areas where you can see far away. And when I’m at the sea, I can’t get enough of it. I love waves crashing towards rocks, dramatic landscape, or just the view of water, rocks, boats. I love the Irish coastline, maybe especially because the weather there is so rough that it doesn’t attract mass tourism to the beaches, other than wind surfers, photographers, bird watchers, people who generally love the outdoors, and similar. The beaches there are peaceful and relaxing to visit. When I get to these places, like the Slea head drive in Kerry, and whatever coastal spot in West Cork, I want to just sit down and stay there for the rest of my life.

Galley head is near Clonakilty and apart from the beauty, it’s now an interesting area also because the future whiskey distillery in Clonakilty is growing barley out there.
There’s the actual Galley Head, the point with the lighthouse, and there’s the beach nearby (I don’t remember if this is Red strand or Long strand, but I remember Red strand as much more rocky and rough. However, if you know this area, please enlighten me!), and a nice area around the cliffs close to the lighthouse where you can walk around and have picnics.

It was a lovely day when we went out there. A bit too cold and windy to stay for picnic or the likes, but still lovely.

If you ever think about what season is the best to visit Ireland, I’d say – all of them! But if you go in August, you’ll see these orange flowers grow everywhere.

You can’t near to the lighthouse because the area is closed, unless you rent a cottage there. But who cares, when there is this?

You can’t get much closer to paradise than this.. (well, that would be Sheep’s head peninsula). Actually, next time we go to Ireland we’re actually going to live in a cottage in Ardfield, on the way between Clonakilty and Galley head. I’m really looking forward to it!

14 thoughts on “Galley Head

  1. Claudine 26th January 2018

    Oh my, these photos are beautiful <3 I love the sea too, being near a beach is very relaxing for me. I like how Galley head looks so serene and peaceful – I wish I could go somewhere like this and relax for a whole day!

    1. Susanne 28th January 2018

      It sure is a beautiful place!!! I hope you can find something like it and take a day off!

  2. Kristina 28th January 2018

    I wonder if I can convince the fiance to skip the wedding and agree to do the honeymoon earlier so we can go here?

    It’s so pretty D:

    1. Susanne 29th January 2018

      Come over for St Patrick’s day! I’ll be there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Kassy 2nd February 2018

    Wow, it looks like such a fantastic place to visit. Ireland has always been a place I have wanted to visit because the majority of my ancestry is from Ireland. I love the photos!

    1. Susanne 11th February 2018

      I’m glad you like them! How exciting about your ancestry, do you know what area in Ireland they are from?

  4. Audrey 11th February 2018

    Wow- gorgeous! These pictures look like they off a postcard or out of a book! So stunning and relaxing.

    1. Susanne 11th February 2018

      Thanks, and thanks for visiting! The Galley Head area is fantastic, I love it there.

  5. Enda Sheppard 13th February 2018

    Amazing photos of an amazing place #JoBlogsTime

    1. Susanne 18th February 2018

      Thank you, and yes, the place is truly amazing!

  6. Kirsten 3rd May 2018

    I so badly want to go to Ireland! I’m hoping in a couple years we may be able to save up enough money to go on a trip to Europe and visit England, Ireland and Scotland as part of it. I want to take Edward there. In your pictures it looks so so much like here! I want to visit Cork and see if I can get some information on my ancestors while I’m there. All I know is my great great grandfather was put on a boat and sent to Nova Scotia as a child and was adopted (not legally, just raised) by a french family here. I don’t even know when, late 1800’s early 1900’s maybe. Your pictures just make me want to visit Ireland so badly!

    1. Susanne 3rd May 2018

      Girl, Ireland is a fantastic place, and of course I’m biased towards Cork. ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope you’ll be able to get there, and if you do, please let me know in advance!!
      It’s interesting to read about your great great grandfather, especially after all I’ve read about the Irish history this winter. Was he from Cork city or from another county Cork area?

      1. Kirsten 4th May 2018

        I will let you know if I do go! I am not sure about my Grandfather all I know is on the the ship manifesto it lists him as from county cork but nothing else from my knowledge. I was hoping to get more information there. I need to do more research here before I go though. No one even knows his last name it was illegible on the documents and he went by his adoptive families name from my understanding.

        1. Susanne 4th May 2018

          That must be so exciting to find out about your roots in Ireland. Do you know where he sailed from?
          That era in Ireland is such dark history, such terrible times, and there are so many sad stories. There is an immigration museum in Cobh, not as good now as it was the first time I was there, but still good. There is also a memorial in Dublin, near the famine memorial, I’m going to visit both the next time I go to Dublin. And there is something in Wexford where the museum is on a replica of a so-called famine ship. Of course I don’t know the background to your great grandfather’s trip but these places sure are interesting if you’re interested in Irish history.

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