Now I’ve posted quite a lot about Ireland and West Cork. So what about my country, Sweden? It’s more than snow and horrible long grey winters. Sweden is actually breathtaking in the spring, summer and autumn, when nature turns green, is in bloom, and shows its most colourful sides. I do have quite a lot of photos from Sweden that I’ve never posted anywhere, other than a few on Instagram.

I live in a town near both forest, sea, farmlands, and not so far from a big city. It’s a nice area, and very close to Sweden’s gem and pride, the western archipelago. (sorry folks, I’m sure the Stockholm archipelago is fantastic, but it’s on the wrong side of the country!)
As you probably know by now, I’m a whisk(e)y geek, and so is my husband. Last year we had decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary in a small town by the sea, Fiskebäckskil, mainly because it’s the home of a restaurant with one of Sweden’s largest whisky collections, but also because it’s located on the fabulous island of Skaftö, and we haven’t been there a lot, only once in Grundsund (also a brilliant place that I want to return to). This is maybe a bit over an hour from where we live. So off we went…

Our anniversary day is the 17th of June, when Sweden is at its best. The west coast has lots of little towns of this type, with the old style streets and traditional wooden houses of different sizes and characters. Sadly these areas are over hyped and extremely overpriced, but oh, so pretty.

The house in the last picture had a sign that said that a coffee shop would be opening there. I suppose we should go back this summer and see if it is open!

We took a walk around the port area after dinner. June can be rather chilly in the evenings, and it was, but the surroundings are so gorgeous.

And the restaurant – do not miss it if you ever visit Fiskebäckskil!

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