About me

I’m a photography enthusiast from Sweden, so far an amateur photographer (depending on the definition, I guess), always interested in learning more about photography and how to improve my photos. I love to photograph nature, insects, spiders, flowers.. I love macro and I’m now trying to learn more about landscape photography.
I started with a small compact Sony Cybershot, an excellent compact camera and that’s where my interest for photography was triggered. I later decided to buy a system camera, my first was a Canon 1100D that I had for two years. I later wanted a smaller lighter camera so I went over to mirrorless, I’m using the Micro Four Thirds system and now enjoy an Olympus OMD E-M1 Mark II with four different lenses.

My photos here on the blog are of different quality levels but I hope that they will improve with time as I learn more skills, both camera skills and editing skills.

The winter is usually a slow period for me, since I’m not a big fan of winter and snow, but when spring comes and nature comes to life again, I promise there’ll be a whole lot of new pictures here!