2017 in pictures

Although 2017 wasn’t a great year, it was an interesting year from a photography point of view. I upgraded big time to a very nice camera and I’ve been to many interesting places and have taken lots of photos. So take a deep breath and see my 2017 photo journey…

In the winter I usually don’t take a lot of photos because everything is dark and dull, and 2017 followed the same pattern. I actually joined an online photography course, but I quit after a month or so because every other homework task was about taking a photo “in a well lit place”, and surprise, in Northern Europe well lit places don’t exist between November and March. However, January is the month of the Burns supper, which is everything but dull. Good food, good whiskey, good music and nice people.

February must have been an incredibly boring month, because I can’t find one single photo taken then!! I’ve posted one on Instagram, and that is also from a whiskey tasting.. I don’t even have it anywhere else than on Instagram.
In March I must have still been in the photography class, because I’ve taken this picture that I know was for that class. I don’t remember what the theme or lesson was. But these are some wonderful instruments..

March is also the month of the local whisk(e)y fair, and it was there I fell in love with Smögen whisky, so much that now we’ve bought a private cask from them. We’re still waiting to get news that they’ve filled it with new make. But at least we have the certificate that we own one!

April is when things are getting more interesting also outside.

And in 2017 in April I went to Ireland to attend a whiskey workshop at the Midleton distillery. I’m very sad that I can’t found any photos from the coopering lesson, and there’s a risk I may have thrown them away by mistake when cleaning my photo collection..
However, the workshop was brilliant, and I got to taste the Midleton Dair Ghaelach for the first time, visited the enormous Midleton distillery warehouse area, and learned lots of interesting things about whiskey making.

In May we did something we had wanted to do for a long long time. Rather spontaneously we had decided to join a group trip to the isle of Islay, Scotland, the Mecca for lovers of peated whisky. It’s the home of Ardbeg, Lagavulin and Laphroaig, to name a few. The trip included distillery visits and lovely cask tastings in the warehouses. The only thing I wish we could have had more time for was visit out to see more of the scenery, but it was a whisky trip, after all. 🙂


June is the month when Swedish people celebrate Midsummer. There are lots of different traditions but the only one that really interests me is the one of playing fiddle tunes in local traditional costumes. After the celebration some of us have a party at my aunt’s house, and continue the music there.

In June we also visited some of Orsa finnmark, the most interesting and beautiful area of Sweden. I’ll write more about it in a separate post eventually.

In June I also bought my new camera, and found my first zebra spider.

July is the month of photographing flowers.

In the beginning of August we went to a concert with the Swedish country singer Jill Johnson, very nice indeed! And what a surprise that I managed to get such good photos. It was such fun to take them.

In August we also went to Ireland. You’ve seen lots of photos already (and there are more to come!). This is from Oliver Plunkett street, Cork city.

In September I found the first spider since a long time, because for once, there was almost no wind.

I went to see friends out by the sea.

This year we didn’t go to Italy in the summer, but in October instead. We experienced everything from 1 degree C and snow..

..to nice autumn

..to around 25 degrees C or even more.

And we had the opportunity to join the family in harvesting olives.

We had the privelege to taste the brand new oil, which was absolutely fabulous. 🙂

In November we had the first snow, and I did a Dingle whiskey batch 1 photoshoot, while waiting for two bottles of batch 2 to arrive.

And finally december. We had a fabulous whiskey themed New Year’s party.

I wish you all a very happy 2018!!

8 thoughts on “2017 in pictures

  1. Michelle 4th January 2018

    Gorgeous photos!

    1. Susanne 4th January 2018

      Thank you, Michelle!!

  2. Kassy 7th January 2018

    The photos are amazing and it was very interesting to see your year through images! I am a big fan of macro photography so I adore the spiders!

    1. Susanne 7th January 2018

      Thanks, Kassy! I love macro too, and I love photographing spiders. Sadly last year there very few of them showing up, since there were strong winds almost all the time during the spring and summer.

  3. Kristina 10th January 2018

    I love this post so much.

    Even the spider pictures. Because you got the spike hair details on the second one with such detail, that’s impressive. Also, your love for whiskey is intriguing. I am not the biggest whiskey person, but my fiance loves whiskey. I’m sure its because I’ve never really had any or understood how to enjoy it. I’m hoping when I get back from my training that we can sign up for some of the tastings they do at a place downtown (they do all kinds whiskey, scotch, vodka, and I think rum and tequila too). My only association with hard liqueur or specialty alcohols is knocking it back super fast with a chaser (and from my understanding, this is a very american thing to do instead of sipping it for flavor lol).

    So, I hope you have a wonderful 2018 and that you keep taking pictures to share with us <3

    1. Susanne 10th January 2018

      You definitely should do some whiskey tastings and learn to sip it, and enjoy the flavours and characters. Maybe find a tasting of Irish whiskey, or good Scotch. I think that for “non-whiskey” people, American or Canadian whiskey is quite strong (in alcohol terms) and harsh in the flavours, and extremely woody, and I generally don’t like them. Irish whiskey and Scotch are generally smoother and have other nicer flavours because of how they are made and matured (some exceptions of course). I can write about whiskey for another page or so, LOL, you should come and visit my whiskey blog later when I’ve written a couple of posts.

      Thanks for your nice comment on my wolf spider photo btw. 🙂 I love photographing spiders. I’m hoping for a better spider year this year.

  4. Hillory 10th January 2018

    Your photos are so beautiful!! Hope you had an amazing 2017 and 2018 is filled with lots of pretty photos too!!




    1. Susanne 10th January 2018

      Thank you, Hillory!! Well, 2017 was better than I thought before starting to write this post, and 2018 has the potential to be a good year! I hope you’ll have a good 2018 too!

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