Privacy policy

On this site, I collect certain information and use cookies to be able to use certain functions.
I’m not creepy with your data, and I don't use cookies. Read more below.

Site statistics

This site uses a service called Plausible for statistics about visitors, and will collect anonymised information about you.

Plausible is an online service which helps me to understand the visitors; for example, how visitors find the website (did they click a link on social media, search on a search engine, etc), how long time they spend on the site, if they click on links to other pages, and so on. This helps me to offer a better online experience to the visitors.

Plausible cares about your privacy and does not use cookies. Read more about them here:

Privacy focused
Plausible privacy policy

Plausible collects certain anonymised information about visitors. This data includes:

  • your location
  • what device, OS and web browser you use to visit the website
  • where you came from to visit the website (if you clicked a link on another website, social media for example)
  • what links on this website you click on
  • how long you stay on this website
  • if you are a new or returning visitor

This information helps me understand how to best improve the website and its content.


Contact form

When you use the contact form, the information you submit will be sent to my e-mail. Your information in the e-mail will be saved for as long as I need it, only for the purpose of communication between you and me.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions regarding privacy and cookies on this site, contact me.