Life lately and some changes to the blog

Hello people!
I didn’t mean to take such a long break from the blog, but it just happened. This winter has been terrible, long and cold and with snow almost all the time. I know that some people really love snow, but I’m not one of them. It is pretty for a day or two, but after that it’s just inconvenient and annoying.

During the winter I’ve taken a break from work but have done little things here and there, and from February I’ve worked some in the hospital. After my burnout crash in December, I’ve thought a lot about life and about my priorities, and have learned lots about myself, and have started seeing how much I’ve ignored my own wellbeing over the years. I’m now 40+ and it’s about time to change that. I want to start taking care of myself and creating more time for actual feel-good things. Sadly, the winter hasn’t allowed for that, I’ve mostly been unwell or in very low mood. Now that spring finally has come, I hope I will be better.

At least I’ve taken time to think about what I want in life, including what I want with this blog. I recently came across another blog that has triggered my interest in writing more and not just share photos here. Now, as you know I’m a photography geek and I take tons of photos when I go somewhere pretty or during the spring and summer, so of course I’ll continue sharing photos. However, I’d like to start writing more as well, and I want to share about what gives me quality of life, about my own journey to self love and self care.

We will see how that goes. 🙂

This is why I have deleted some old posts, I just want to stop all negativity and focus on what makes me happy. It doesn’t mean sugarcoating or ignoring the bad things in life, but I simply want to have a different focus.

Another change that may happen in the future is the choice of blog platform. I’ve made this layout myself and I love it dearly. It’s clean and simple. I’m not a developer nor do I have brilliant programming skills, I only have a passion for website building but I’m just learning. From the start I followed a tutorial on how to make a WordPress theme from scratch, and then I’ve modified it now and then with coding skills I had learned, and I’ve pasted in code I’ve found on different tutorials.
I also love writing in markdown, because it’s quick and simple, and I was delighted to find that there is a new markdown editor plugin for WordPress that is better than the original one in Jetpack.

BUT. WordPress is planning a major update, with a new editor built into the core. The idea of this editor is very good, it will be something like what Squarespace has, with blocks that you add in. It will be great for beginner users who can basically just drag and drop what they want into the editor.
It won’t be so good for me because I want to write in markdown, only. I’ve found a plugin that gives you an option to choose if you want to use the classic editor, or the new one. If you choose the classic, and have the markdown editor plugin enabled, you will use markdown. So far so good. But I have no idea how much they will change in the core and if it will require major changes to the theme code. This is worrying and annoying, because I definitely don’t want to spend time to rewrite lots of things with my theme. I guess it is good to learn it, since I help other people with WordPress. But for my own………. I just want to write and share photos.

For now I’ll go on with WordPress and then I’ll see how bad it will get when the big update is released. After that.. we’ll see. I’ve tested some other platforms during the winter so I do have a plan B. It’s not as good as the existing WordPress but at least it will enable to to continue this blog.

3 comments on “Life lately and some changes to the blog”

  • kerry

    Im s glad you are coming back to your blog, and change is always fresh and new. Im so honoured that you noted me as some inspiration, that makes me so very proud and happy, thank you. I look forward to seeing what your new posts cover. xxx

  • Kristina

    I actually looked at just switching to a platform (like or squarespace) and getting rid of the hosting altogether. I enjoy the theme making and such, but after a while I think I use it as an excuse not to write on the blog. So I sometimes wonder if I took the admin part away from the blogging if I would actually write more and share more projects.

    I wish you luck in the writing and maybe I can find some inspiration to try to post more too or at least highlight something positive from the day 🙂

    • Susanne

      Well as you can see I’m still not doing much writing, lol! 🙂 I have lots going on right now but I hope to be able to write more soon.
      Hosted platforms certainly have their advantages. People talk loudly about self-hosting, but it requires a lot of work, and people never talk about that. I see many new bloggers without tech knowledge being recommended self-hosted WordPress and I worry about them sometimes because I know how much work needs to be done to even make WordPress secure against hackers!

      I think if I had only one blog or site, I would pay for Squarespace. But I have several domains, use them for e-mail, work on some other sites etc, so I definitely need hosting. But Squarespace has a nice looking and customisable (in terms of design) platform and it has built in comments too. It works well, looks good and is very nice to use. I don’t like because I want to be able to fiddle with the design and it costs too much to do any customisations there. But it’s a perfect platform if you want to avoid fiddling with your site!


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