When I planned the trip to Ireland, I wanted us to be in Clonakilty for a week, but the hotel was fully booked for a few days. I then decided that we should go to stay somewhere where we’ve never been. So after some looking around, I found a b&b in a little village at the Sheep’s head peninsula, named Kilcrohane. We’ve been to the Sheep’s head peninsula a couple of times, but never on the south side of the peninsula.

To arrive there you take a small road that takes you further and further away from towns, people, whatever. I LOVE that feeling. I’ve been in a stressful situation for such a long time, at work, or simply that I have too much going on that I never take the time to just relax my mind. Where we live there’s almost always wind, and sometiems even the wind causes me to feel stress.
One day this past summer I was walking home after a night shift, and took a longer walk instead of waiting for the second bus. It was around 8 in the morning but everything was quiet. Very little traffic, very little people around, no wind, and I realised how much I miss silence and the sense of calm that comes with it. I understood that I need more of this in my life.

When we came to the road that leads to Kilcrohane, it was like coming to heaven. Just the two of us out there facing the hills and the sea.

There are some walking trails there but we’ll have to save them for another time, sadly. I could have stayed there forever.
Arriving to Kilcrohane then was like coming to “The Shire” (the Hobbit village), small and so incredibly pretty but still most things you need there, with a little shop where they sell all kinds of things, a fuel station, post office, a church, a b&b and a pub.

We had planned to go to Sheep’s head during the afternoon, but after arriving to Kilcrohane we both felt that there was no option – we didn’t want to leave the village. So we took a walk, first to the shop where they also had coffee, and almost everywhere in Ireland, also in the most remote places, you’ll be surprised if they don’t have an espresso machine. They also had some Jameson whiskey, which she served in VERY generous drams…

We took a walk down towards the sea because we had been told about a nice beach down there. It was a fantastic walk, so peaceful. And then the beach – I wanted to stay there forever, just sitting there listening to the sound of the waves. That’s what I call quality of life..

The pub had the usual stuff and it was said there would be a fiddler there later.

We had instruments with us, but when the fiddler never showed up we decided to go to check another pub we had seen in the village.

But just after we had left, the pub owner came running after us (she obviously saw we had instruments) and asked us to come back because the fiddler would be there soon. I liked that. That’s different than large busy pubs in big cities!

We really had a great time there and I’ll happily go back when I have the opportunity, Kilcrohane is a fabulous place.

3 comments on “Kilcrohane”

  • Deanna

    That sounds like a wonderful village. Very pretty too. I would love to visit sometime. I also hate wind. It gives me a headache and makes my ears hurt really bad. I have to wear a hat in the wind which is the worst in the summer. People look at you weird because it’s hot out but you have a hat on.

    • Susanne

      It’s not so weird wearing a hat when it’s hot! I do that a lot when we’re in Italy, because it protects you from the sun. But I suppose it depends on what kind of hat it is. 😀
      It’s been ages since I saw you online, hope you’re well!

      • Deanna

        Yes that’s true, the kind of hat makes a big difference. I’m not a hat person so in the summer I usually will have a jacket with a hood on it even in the heat so I can cover my ears.

        I am doing well, just very lazy haha. Online I am mostly found on social media these days. But I am going to try hard to get myself back into blogging.


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