Hello there! I'm Susanne, and I love languages and writing.

Did you know that the best SEO content is written for human beings and not for search engines?

Do you want website content that is not cliché but instead engaging and well written, by someone who loves grammar and has attention to detail?
Then I'm here for you!

If you need an article, blog post or other content written for your own blog or website, I’m here for you. I love writing and I will adapt to your style. I can write for you in Swedish or English.

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This is what I do

I'm a storyteller

I run my own blogs where I share my whisk(e)y tasting experiences, and about music and learning to play the guitar. I love to use the written word to entertain, inform and/or inspire people.

I study languages

I have a passion for languages and grammar. I love to geek out about grammatical details and exciting synonyms or adjectives. I’m a native Swedish speaker, fluent in English, and speak Italian at a good conversational level.