County Clare in two days

I have mixed emotions regarding county Clare. It’s one of those areas that can be crowded mad with tourists. But it’s a very beautiful area, with lots of beautiful scenery, and lots of music too. We stayed in Miltown Malbay. I kind of regretted that I didn’t book in Ennis, because it’s a lovely town where we’ve had some great times, there’s also lots of music activity there, but it’s also nice to explore new places, and especially small places. I’m definitely no big city person, I prefer green fields, or roaring sea, peace and quiet.
We didn’t have lots of time so my photos from there aren’t great, I took shots whenever I had the opportunity but not with great thought or focus. At least a few nice memories of the trip.

Miltown Malbay is famous for its Irish music school special week in early July, named after the now deceased uilleann piper Willie Clancy. Actually, for music geeks like us, this monument was one of the highlights in the town centre:

And the trad sessions, of course.

We were in Clare for two days and managed to see quite a lot of it, I think. But I’m sad to have known afterwards that we were close to Father Ted’s cottage and didn’t know it, LOL! But we toured the main roads and some of the off roads. We visited Doolin, Lahinch, Kilkee, the Cliffs of Moher, Ennis, the Burren (maybe?) and lots of other places along the sea. Now, Doolin is an extremely famous and tourist crowded little town, and the port was absolutely terrible. But I always enjoy visiting, and doing some shopping in the knitwear shops and all that. And it sure is very pretty there. But it is very.. crowded.

There’s this nice view over the cliffs.

I’m not sure if this belongs to the Burren, but it’s a cool area however.

The area of Cliffs of Moher is magnificient but so over-visited and so commercialised and exploited. Since we were there the last time, they have built a HUGE visitor centre with shops, and a walking path to get to the top. In a way very nice because it enables everyone to get there safely and see everything without risking life, but I think the charm of the area is gone. It’s not that fantastic natural spot anymore, but rather like a huge museum. We even had to wait a few hours to get there because there was such queue to the parking. Such a pity!!
Still, the cliffs with surroundings are fantastic.

However, I don’t think I’ll go back there. I’ve seen the cliffs, and there are so many nicer spots if you want to visit scenic places.

Like beaches and the sea.


The folks in the last picture were kind of surprising. I thought only Swedish people would take a swim on an early October morning with 14-ish degrees. LOL!

Then there’s Loop head.

And so much more. But next time we go to Clare, I want to be a few days in Ennis to make music in the pubs.

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