Get to know me

In early 2019 I moved from Sweden to Ireland to escape long winters with snow and ice, and to become a part of the wonderful community of West Cork, where music (normally) thrives in the pubs and where daisies bloom in February.

I've always had a thing for writing. As a child, I often wrote short stories and diaries, and I had several pen friends. When blogging came around, I needed to try it! I was very inconsistent for many years because of tech problems and platforms that I didn't like. But I always wrote somewhere, whether on WordPress, Blogger, the old Apple website builder tool, or something else.

Today I run a few blogs for myself, most of them on WordPress, but I'm also using a small static site generator for one of my blogs.

I write about topics that I'm passionate about or that I want to share with the world - to inspire, entertain and inform, and as a way to connect with people.

I'm also a language and grammar geek, and a language perfectionist. My goal is to use my passion for writing and languages to create a career, and I'm ready to dive into the world of freelance writing.